Sunday, December 19

Photos and Song for Matt & Kate

I didn't want to post here because Kate's message needs to be read. My thoughts and love are with her.

I just posted links to a few photo albums of Matt here:

It has helped me to write about him, to laugh, to cry, and to talk to him still. And so I post this here in the hopes that it will help all of you who loved him as well.



Anonymous said...

I just wanted to post to let you know I know that you meant a lot to Matt. I know we have never met, but he left our place in Portland (this was like 10 years ago) to go be with you in Canada. I remember him describing you as the smartest woman he had ever met. I still remember how fondly he talked about you and that he felt inadequate to your brilliance and wit. You, and that camp, meant so much to him. - Kate Hess Pace, a friend of Matt's from a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks, KateHP. He spoke of you fondly as well. He remains the love of a lifetime on many levels. I understand what you mean because Matt was truly, at his core, so uncertain at times of his own brilliance. Though he was not in any way inadequate, I know he felt that way at times. I wish I had one more chance to reassure him of his genius and his beauty.

see you soon.

xo Stef