Sunday, December 5

Next steps for Matt

This is on Kate's behalf:  Hi everyone,  Thanks so much for taking the time to think about Matt.  There is no one in the world like him, and that is as evident in the great group of people who care about him as it was in his gap smile, his laugh, his unmatched sense of humor, giant heart, and his marvelous intellect.  We just wanted to update you on possible next steps for him in the coming week.  We have spent this week consulting with the doctors again, spending a lot of time with Matt, and thinking a lot about his needs, his prognosis, and what he would want.  We have consulted with some really wonderful people at Hospice, and Matt is now on the waiting list for care there.  They have a really wonderful house-like space where Eugene can come see him and family and friends can visit in a peaceful and comfortable environment for him.  As I said before, Hospice might be a place where we monitor Matt's status, but for Matt it may likely be a place to find peace and to begin a new adventure while surrounded with friends and family who love him very much.  Matt's friends were really important to him, and it means so much that he is important to so many of you, too.  Matt is not yet at Hospice, and it is difficult to think about that new phase, but we wanted to let you know with as much time as possible to make plans to visit.  We want to invite you to come visit Matt in the coming couple of weeks if you would like.  This should be a calm and peaceful time for him, and we know you will respect that, as well as the fact that this is very hard transition for us to make.  Please let me know if you would like to visit, and thank you for your thoughts and love for our sweet Matt.
Alli Fetter-Harrott


Stef said...

So very hard to read yet so strong at the same time. I still pray everyday for a miracle. Many thanks for posting this. I am going to try like hell to get out there at Xmas.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Thinking of everyone at this time. Matt is much loved in this world. I never met Matt's sister but she might just be one of the most amazing people on this earth. Love to all. Leslie

amy said...

My thoughts are with Matt's family- the blood relations and the one he buildt throughout his life and travels. Matt was a force to be reckoned with, and he still is. I work in Hospice in California. I'm comforted that Matt will be working with people whose main focus is his comfort and quality of life. He deserves that and more.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you guys...and Matt..thank you so much for beeing part of the girls' life....they miss you and have great memories of you...the story Roxanna and Manon keep telling is the one when you guys went to the park with Jack and played the "troll" are a wonderful person and will always be in our heart like your mom, you will be miss...