Saturday, December 4

Dec 4th

I am going to make this brief as I am still FULLY CONCENTRATING ON MATT and JACK.

Matt is still in ICU and ventilator. He has Two great nurses that would like to stay with him while he is here. They usually get shifted around but are so touched by Matt, that they want to help in Anway. Matt seems to touch everyone he comes in contact with.

I had the consult with a group of 8 people who ave looked over Matt's entire case. It will take awhile to get a post up that explains the situation well but a
close friend will be posting something tomorrow that will generalize it. She has been amazing and a huge support. She even came out to be with Matt, ME and Jack awhile ago.
Please he patient as things are changing on a day to day basis not to mention are family is going through a horrible ordeal during a time of year where many people are with family, and we might be losing ours.

I wish I has more time to add (but am with Matt) However, I will add more after tomorrow.

A few quick notes: Again I lost all My contacts ( phone jumped in a puddle) There are many people I need to call: Martha and Karl, Jenn Brewer, Laurie, and more people than I have time to mention. PLEASE SEND YOUR INFO!!

I am very concerned that there are still people in Matt's life that do not know.If anyone knows how I can contact Matt's fb friends ( without adding adding that one by one to BO's account) please let me know. I am also going through his phone again to leave messages. I would ask that if you could please text me your information that would be helpful. There are may people that I would like to call but don't have there info. You have all been amazing and I feel that my words do not convey the impact you all have made. Please feel free to call or email anyone you think many need to know about Matt's situation. He lived so many places and touched so many people, i would hate for someone to miss out seeing or sending a message to him. That reminds me anyone who wants to record there voice I urge you to do so!!!!!!!!!!! it could be a message, story, poem, reading a book, joke, political discussion, memory etc... I can assure you I will play them for him. I have cd player and an ipod.

The nurses said his status were threw the roof, then when I came in and they lowered then raised again when I left. I believe this was not a coincidence, so as I said I urge you to send your voices for Matt to hear. I think is someway he knows you are there, and his stats prove it.

Each time I start to write I fall short..............................
All I can say is Jack is starting to realize the seriousness of what is going on and it is more than
heartbreaking. He lost my mom and still cannot fly kites, listen to classical music, and a bunch of other things. he was just starting to come out of his shell when he Matt came out. Please keep him in your thoughts as he has been amazing with all the Chaos. I will add more about jack tomorrow or Monday. Although this is about Matt, all of you close to him know that jack meant the world to him and was his favorite person. I can barely understand fathom what he is going through. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK WHITNEY STEWART FOR HER AMAZING GIFT. IT CAME AL THE PERFECT TIME AND ALMOST FELT LIKE SOMETHING MY MOM WOULD HAVE GIVEN TO US. IT IS HELPING JACK AND I IMMENSELY
I would encourage Whitney to call me and not hesitate about giving me my space. I believe nothing but goodness will come from us talking. Again Thank you so much.

That leads me to all of you. Your endurance and attention to this had been amazing. Know that Matt would be touched that he is not being forgotten. He believed in community and yo have all shown that is possible. Thank you are going against the grain and having attention spans lol
I am working on a book of his drawings, words, pictures, etc... I know he was meant for greatness and still believe it is just around the corner. He was meant for big things and they will come to happen as time passes. Things have a way of happening as they should even if your heart is pulled out in the process

I guess this post had no use full info ( sorry) I will update more and more often as things are changing so quickly. Thank yo for understanding that my time is spent with Matt and being there for jack. I cannot imagine being eleven and losing two of the closes people in your life within a year and a half. He is a real hero. Thank you hero's as well

TO EVERYONE MY PHONE IS OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am exhausted as usual and apologize for the non informative post. i am having a meeting Wednesday that will BE VERY VERY BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus Rich will be back.
Thank you all for your patience and understanding

on a end note if anyone (Caleum or Kyle) has copies of Matt's TV show. I will pay for them to be copied as they are very special to me. If anyone has video, pictures, DRAWINGS, or etc... I will pay to have them copied and sent to me. It would mean the world to collect these things as Matt moved around so much and was also so giving. i plan on putting them to good use. it is just right NOW i am focusing on Matt, who i think would like to see those shows:)

take care, be well, eat good food, help someone you don't know, open your heart and love in a way you never have before, and live. If it seems as though I am distant, it is only because I have no time to focus on me there are many technical things to do and Matt has many needs. i just want you all to know that I am trying to take care of myself. Thank you and from now on if I cnno tupdate teh blog, i will have someone else do it, because things are changign so fast.

Again call, visit, yell, scream, laugh, cry, or just be. Whatever you so just know you are welcome to call or visit

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