Tuesday, November 16

A month & a half after Matt's Oct 4 accident

Kate & I were talking as she drove to visit Matt; she puts me on speakerphone, it's a little rough for conversation but it's one of the few times we can talk 'alone' - smile. When she got to his room, he was in his wheelchair so she told me she'd call back. Her voice sounds so much younger & carefree & excited when she sees Matt doing something - it's kind of bittersweet.
I titled this post 'A month & a half' for a reason. The reason we have this blog to post on, courtesy of Alison, is to keep tabs on Matt's progress. But, it strikes me this godawful month & a much this has not only affected Kate, Bo & Jack's and Rich's life but has really pushed them to their limits - in many ways. Obviously, we all care about Matt & want him to get better. But, I am realizing that there are secondary casulties from Matt's accident. I know that Kate is gone a lot from home now and that's an abrupt change for Jack. When she gets home, she's tired. She's worried about everything she's not able to do right now & what will the future hold for Matt?
Before Matt's accident, they were talking about how this will be the 2nd Xmas without Anne ...and that was a pretty big deal. Now, as Kate said, "We have one LESS person at Christmastime. Matt was so bonded with Jack." Then, she goes on to say that she's 'ok, just having a little pity party....things will be fine, etc." - she worries that I'll get upset and sad when she talks about the hard parts.
I know this blog is about Matt, but since Kate is the one actually checking on's sort of about her, too. I think there will be another month & a half of this, at least.
I'm going to get a list together, with specifics, and see if maybe, together we can help Kate so she doesn't get worn out not only taking care of her own family, of herself
but also doing everything she can to help Matt.

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