Tuesday, November 16

Here's what I'm trying to work on...

It's really hard being the 'main' person in a situation like this. I know what it's like & probably many of you do also. (The reason I'm having a hard time getting the specific answers is because she doesn't feel comfortable asking for help....also, because she doesn't have any other family out there, besides Bo, Jack & Rich...or her mom, and she feels so alone, I just try to listen and encourage her and talk through things that are bothering, point being...I don't get to the part where I ask what kind of dog food Eugene eats or what size exactly does Jack wear. Even if I do, she may want to talk about Matt, what he was like at the hospital that day, what doctors she was able to talk to, what do we think think will happen in the next month, etc.
I do know that, altho she is really good at saving & budgeting (no clothes for herself for 3 years; she'd rather that Jack have decent clothes -that fit!) she can't handle the financial onslaught coming at her.

To help Kate be able to help Matt, this is what I'm going to try to do
  • get name of gas station she uses (so someone can donate a gas card)
  • Eugene's (Matt's dog) food costs $45 - just don't know the brand
  • Jack's clothes sizes (he outgrew 3 -yes 3!- new pairs of jeans that she bought him a month ago; he is at that size where he doesn't fit in the large boys or the mens small....that's a tough phase
  • name of her grocery store (for a grocery card)
  • types of foods that Kate, Bo & Jack like to eat (she buys healthy food, when she was talking on the phone to me while at the grocery store, she commented, "What kind of grocery store doesn't have organic carrots?"
  • find out what the heck the problem is with the Sprint service in Spokane
  • snacks that Kate likes since she is in the car a lot now
  • car panel (for repair) - cost of that
  • Xmas for Jack (she's worried that, on top of her being gone now when he's home from school, she is not going to be able to make a really good Xmas for Jack - since Matt won't be there - and Jack has been really helpful while his mom is trying to do what she can for Matt
  • Haircuts - I"m sure that's coming up
  • Wrapping paper, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, everyone on this list..let's see if we can rally together to help Matt, Kate, Jack, Rich, Suzi and the rest of their worn-out gang.

They need our help, especially with Thanksgiving and the forthcoming holiday season. Can you imagine trying to put together a nice family meal when you're in their position?

Who's bringing over the turkey and stuffing? Who the organic carrots that Kate likes, cooked and flavored? Who the mashed potatoes and pie? Who the flowers and decorations?

Anyone wrapping wrapping holiday gifts? When Suzi puts up her list, let's all pitch in.