Tuesday, November 16

Day 16 / update on Matt

2nd call from Kate tonight:
  • Matt's eyes are tracking more often
  • he is breathing more on his own but they can't reverse tracheotomy (sp?) until he's actually aware that he needs to keep his tongue back so he doesn't gag on it
  • Kate is checking on this but it seems that NIACH is planning on moving Matt to basically what we would call a nursing home
  • she's planning on meeting with the head doc at NIACH tomorrow morning to find out what' going on, what he thinks of Matt's progress, etc.
  • He's doing his 'thumbs-up" for response still
The nursing home he would be going to is NOT the one that they'd talked about in their meeting; from what I understand, it would be a place - not where people go for rehab - but a place that takes care of people in Matt's condition, as it is now, for long long term.

I find it odd the way they/the hospital decides to move Matt...and then...we find out from a nurse - strange.

Waiting for Kate AND Rich to call me back - a lot going on. It's just breaks my heart to hear the anguish in Kate's voice, the tiredness, and not be able to be there in person. I will tell you one thing, she is made of steel. That's the reason she has to call me back. It's 5pm there, I guess, and she's bound and determined to get one of the docs on the phone - NOW!

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Elizabeth R., EA said...

I hope you were able to pass my previous comment on to Kate about researching nursing homes.

It is very typical that someone in Matt's condition be moved to that setting. They are more equipped for long term care and Matt has a long way to go before he is recovered. They will continue to give him therapy in the nursing home.

I will be talking to Kate on Friday anyway but it is important to know that they do not have to keep him at the home they move him too. They are free to choose any home they want and move him if there is space. So if they don't like the first one he lands in, they should absolutely move him.

Elizabeth Ruh, IN