Friday, October 22

Last big meeting w/ docs. From Matt's aunt Susi

The 2nd mtg w/Dr. Gerrity -Neurologist
  • Dr. Gerrity met with Rich & Kate today, Thursday, and brought the Atypical MRI's of Matt's brain and images of a 'normal' brain (Dr. G's word, for lack of a better term, I suppose).
  • This time, the images were in 4 colors and showed the snarled neural pathways in Matt's brain.
  • Rich had to get off the phone so I didn't get more info on anything Dr. G explained about the 4-color images, etc. But, I can find out & post it when I do talk to Rich again.
  • She did say that, yes, the neural pathways regrow....but that's when the neural pathway/cells have died. Matt's are still alive but Dr. G said that the brain also creates new pathways.
  • Rich & I didn't think that made sense when he started explaining it to me but that's what happens in the meetings. You listen, it makes sense, you leave. Then, you think of questions you  could've asked, and things that you realized you needed to be it goes.
  • Rich said that she kind of reiterated some of the same topics as the first meeting, i.e., the docs can't make predictions one way or another

What's next: for Matt (and Kate & Rich and Bo and Jack)
  • The main issue, Dr. G said, is that she needs to get him to wake up - first & foremost. Until that happens, there is not much she can do.  
  • Both Rich & Kate are inundated with phone calls, emails, texts, etc. Please check this blog for info. I assure you that I, as Matt's aunt, am getting any new info to the blog in only the amount of time it takes to check my notes & type it up. And, both Rich & Kate will call me right away (so I can get the info to you) if anything new happens
  • Matt is stabilized and will be moved to the acute care center, 1/2 hour away, in Niach, Idaho within a couple days.
  • Again, remember that this means that Kate & Rich (and Bo & Jack) will be working with the hospital to move Matt while trying to keep up with their already busy schedules - it's probably more helpful NOT to call while they're getting all of this set up. (Sorry, I'm just a VERY protective aunt & sister-in-law and I can hear it in their voices - lot of stress, sounding very tired.)

Possiblilities & Questions
  • If Matt improves enough to get off the ventilator, he would be able to be moved back to Spokane to a facility just across the street from the hospital he's in now.
  • Dr. G reiterated that we need to think in terms of weeks and months. At first, when the accident happened, Rich was told to call family right away - that night - just in case. After the 1st meeting with Dr. Gerrity, we all had to start thinking more long term - as she does. When she sees something happen one day, it could be a good sign or not. When she sees it happening day after day...and then for a week, then she takes note.
  • I asked wether or not they would be doing any surgery for Matt's spine ( the spinal cord is not severed, he's not paralyzed) for the fractures. Rich said that, for the time being, no they won't be doing surgery. Also, Dr. Gerrity said that first Matt needs to wake up...then, they fix all the other problems.
  • It's still a waiting game, which is frustrating, but that's the way it is
  • Nothing may happen for a month or two, so be prepared for no 'new' news

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Alli F-H said...

Thank you for the news, Susi. Seems that with the longer term nature that donations are even more important. Please do not hesitate to let us all know if there is anything else we can do to support Matt, Kate, Rich, Bo, and Jack (and Eugene) in the coming days. Best, Alli.