Saturday, October 23

Keep checking this blog - Matt will be moving

Alison has been having to post my comments for me but I finally got my password reset, took forever. Thanks Alison...again! Now, I can do it myself. Texted w/Kate briefly today (Sat). We're both having busy hard days. Am waiting for her to call but I don't think there is much 'new' news.
We (Kate, Rich & I) talked about how it would be to have Matt be further away than just a 5 minute drive - tough. I really feel for Kate because I know how hard & busy it is just to get through a regular day when you have kids. There's never enough time & never enough energy (for the parents). I don't know what I would've done had I had a brother, in a coma....about ready to be moved to a new place that makes for a 1 hour round trip - just the driving - majorly tough. Not to mention gas prices.

I think this blog is great because one can post comments to Kate, Rich or whoever and that way they can read them when they have time and aren't running around trying to get stuff done during the day.

Just be prepared for not really getting or hearing anything new with Matt. Everyone really wants something to happen soon can takes weeks or months.

I never really thought about what happens during the time someone is in a coma. Usually, you just hear the stories about how the person woke up after such & such amount of time. What you don't hear about is the intense in-depth discussions that the family has, struggling to learn all the medical terms, understand what 'purposeful movement' is in contrast to "reflex movement", trying to set up a meeting with the neurologists, etc. (I haven't gotten an new update on his movement but I know Kate would've called if the docs noticed he was exhibiting purposeful movement consistently.). It's really overwhelming. If you don't hear from Kate or Rich, they're just doing the best they can and doing what they need to do.

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Elizabeth R., EA said...

For the Family - Do not feel guilty if you cannot make it to see Matt everyday. You have to take care of yourselves too. He will be in good hands, they will call you with any changes, you can call every day to check on him and visit when you can. Keep a notebook of things you want to share with him when you get to go visit. Mail a card if you are thinking about him that day. While this waiting period is hard, Matt will need you more when he wakes up.

Elizabeth (Shaver) Ruh, Indiana