Monday, October 25

Hi guys,

In trying to add a new post with pics, I seem to have screwed something up on the "Thoughts for Matt / Matt's Family" page. All of a sudden several posts disappeared. I think I got most of them back by going through my emails on updates to the blog. But if you can't find yours, PLEASE send again. Check out the page too if you haven't-- some really good pictures just added.

I think there may be an update on Matt's moving (if he will be moved)-- Kate and I are going to try to talk today and I'll post what I can. I also know she got her computer back-- yay! So hopefully she will be able to post directly, which I know she has wanted to do for some time.


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Anonymous said...

Hi all-- I talked to Kate tonight, and Matt has developed a staph infection so is not going to Idaho today as planned. It hopefully is nothing serious, but he just has to get past the infection before anything else can be done.