Tuesday, October 26

Matt should be moved to new Acute Care facility by tonight

Talked briefly with Kate today, while she was in the midst of doing a zillion things. The hospital said they're going to move Matt tonight to the Northern Idaho Acute Care Hospital, that's the place that is 1/2 hour away.

What I think I know from talking with the docs that might help those who aren't familiar with situations like Matt's, i.e., coma:
  • Not just any place takes patients who are in a coma AND on a ventilator
  • NIACH just happens to be one of the very few places & luckily near to Spokane
  • If he is able to get off the ventilator/respirator (?) - he could be moved back to Spokane
  • Three months seems to be a marker of sorts, good odds if he wakes up before then, after...not so good
I would suggest talking to someone so that your family & loved ones know what you would want in case something like this happens.

Since this is a long term care facility, not much will happen ....unless Matt (can you hear me?) wakes up.

P.S. I really like the pictures!! I have found some & then I had to take a break because it was making me too sad....but I have some cute ones of when he was little

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