Wednesday, October 20

Thanks to all and...

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for posting here - it's been great to hear from everyone and I know Kate & Rich really appreciate everyone's concern and love. I was able to get out to Spokane this past weekend and if you can imagine how crazy life must be for Matt's family right now I'm sure you have an idea of how frustrating and draining this is for them. And I'm sure what I saw was just the surface. But they're keeping up hope and I was amazed at what positive, caring people they are. Please keep them in your thoughts as well as Matt, they need whatever we can give them.

One side note, and I haven't seen this in any of the comments/stories about Matt on here, but remember to keep Matt's and other people's privacy in mind when posting. I made a mistake in tagging someone in a photo I posted on Facebook without asking, and life being what it is today and everyone and their brother doing anonymous searches for potential employees/etc., I should have thought that out better. I know we're all aware of social networking no-nos, just promised Kate that I'd throw that up here.

Anyhow, we love you Matt, and we're waiting for you to wake up and give us one of those wicked smiles.

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