Saturday, October 16

From Matt's sister Kate:

Hey everyone, Matt’s sister here. I am still waiting for my computer from Toshiba (should be 4 more days), so I am working via BlackBerry. Sorry to make this short but BlackBerries are hard to use to express your feelings when your brother is fighting for life.

First off thank you all for your support. Both the Caring Bridge & the blog are great, and the ones in Spokane. We’ve chosen to stick with one as it is easier to update one and easier for people to get the correct info. Also the donate button at Caring Bridge actually goes toward the website rather than Matt. Here is the address for the blog: . Please check it out.

If you want to post directly please email Alison Powell at (or email me and I can get your message up until we have it figured out). We will have it up and running better soon, and post pictures, stories and drawings of Matt (he had some tech savvy friends who are willing to help).

Please consider using the blog as the info comes from our family.

We also are putting together a fundraiser and you can donate to the blog (not Caring Bridge-- though it is very cool and special to read what people have said. Jenn, please get in touch so you can help with blog :)). If you want to help with the fundraiser please contact me via Bo Bakers Facebook, or email or call 509-768-7660. If I had a computer I would do more.

Trust I am with Matt every day and will do what it takes to make this outcome good. I will never ever stop or give up on him!! I hate to think of this but if we have to I assure you we will end things in a way he would have wanted. But for right now I won't go there. Whatever your religion, they are all needed.
Thank you, and please know no matter how many years it has been, Matt often told me stories of you all :). He was smart, funny, caring, kind, and was changing the world (go Camp K! we worked with youth in the inner city to get them to camp). He is a hero to me and a super hero to his nephew. Both our parents are dead, so know that when I say he is a force to be reckon with, it is true. He will survive! I wish I could be say more, but I am tired and this BlackBerry sucks. So I will say good night until next time. If you need anything get in touch with me please.


Tori Patton Sturbaum said...

Hey Kate!

Haven't seen you guys in ages. Just writing to let you know that I have been thinking of Matt and you and your familiy everyday. He is an awesome guy and I have a feeling that things are going to be okay. I am a RN and have some knowledge of what is probably being done. He is young and healthy and that is a big factor. He is spunky and a fighter. I keep believing that he will survive.

Please know that my family and I are sending healing and peaceful thoughts to Matt and you and your family. Take care

Alli said...

We send you lots of love, Kate. You are doing such a great job of taking care of Matt. Thanks for writing. We know you are thinking of what's best for him and what he would want for himself. We would all be grateful to have someone who would care for us in that way. I'm sending you a CD for Matt, some Kiwago Millennium hits. Hope you don't mind them!! Those songs always evoke such memories for me, lots of good times with the kids, and I thought they might work good magic on Mattie too. He was truly legendary at camp, a total standout with the older boys. Keep hanging in there and know that you have people literally all over the world who are hoping and praying and sending good vibes to you, Matt, and your family. We love you guys. Best, Alli.

Kelly Masjoan said...

Kate and Susi,

Thanks for writing. It's heartwarming to read your love and commitment coming through... You are such dear hearts to keep us all updated. Love to you all, to Matt, everyone. Let us know if you need any help with Jack. I hear there is going to be a pow-wow this Sunday with the foursome... glad to hear they're all getting together.

Kelly and the guys