Tuesday, October 19

Detailed update!

Hi everyone:

The info below is from Matt's aunt Susi. Kate said that they have gotten some different information since this (Susi sent me this last night). Kate has also said that the opinion / news they got after this was less positive, so everyone be braced. There is a consultation tomorrow which will be very important. I will keep everyone updated. (from Alison)


First of all, the main thing that has to happen is for Matt to wake up.
The area that controls wakefulness is located in Matt's brain stem, which is damaged (as is the brain itself); there is not enough research for the doctors to be able to predict or know if & when Matt would wake's just a wait-and-see kind of thing. Keeping this in mind....
On Sunday, Rich & Co. met with Dr. Gerrity's partner, a neurologist named Jimmy Ngueyen.
The Meeting/ Sunday , Oct 18
  • Dr. N showed them the Atypical MRI's (actual term) of Matt's brain.
  • He thinks the areas that are NOT severely damaged are those that control IQ & personality - basically, they don't know for sure
  • However, the areas controlling motor skills (including speech) are damaged quite a bit
  • Matt would need intensive rehab & physical therapy if/when he wakes up
The Next Step
  • The situation with Matt has now changed to a long term waiting process, i.e., weeks or months
  • Once the ICU has Matt stabilized, they release him to a long term care facility (the closest one is 45 minutes away- in Idaho)
  • It's possible that he might be ready to move within a week or so
Today's News
  • The feeding tube, called a "peg" was put in today
  • The trachiostomy is scheduled for the next available slot; both procedures are easily reversible but are prepartory for long term intensive care
  • The ventilator is still being used...NOT because Matt can't breathe on his own...but because the damage to his brain stem makes him unable to control his tongue. If he didn't have a tube in his airway, his tongue would flop back and stop his breathing. So, his lungs are good!
When The Docs Talk to them again
  • Rich & Co. will meet with Dr. Gerrity scheduled (tentatively for this Wed, Oct 21)

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