Tuesday, October 19

Some thoughts-

Hi everybody. 

There's lots of info below and more to come. I just wanted to write something from myself: 

I know we all want lots of info as soon as possible, but if you can, please try to come to this blog for info, before calling or emailing the family.

I know they want badly to keep everyone informed but I also know that they're having a hard time keeping up with the 50 + phone calls they're getting a day.  Please come here first- I'm talking to Kate every day and getting emails from everyohne, and all family members are able to post on the blog directly. I just want to be mindful of their stress level right now-- they all have a lot on their plates.


P.S. $350 in donations so far. Thank you, guys! Please donate if you haven't yet. Donations go to stuff like paying for the storage unit for Matt's stuff (he had just moved into an apt.), taking care of Matt's dog Eugene, and getting time off from work for family to be with Matt, and misc. medical care not covered by insurance. The family can definitely use the help so even if it's just $5 it's a symbolic gesture of support and very very much appreciated.

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