Friday, October 15

Update from Matt's aunt Susi

Matt's still in the metal bed that rotates side to side (it helps his lungs).

He's had the medicine for 2 days now & the neurologist said that it could start working anytime. Originally, we thought we had to wait until the 5 days of dosing were given. So, we're cautiously hopeful.

I noticed on Wed, before I left, that he looked MUCH better, was breathing MUCH more easily. The nurse said that Matt was 'setting the rate' for the respirator, which is good, means that his body is breathing some on it's own - just needs the respirator for help.

It could still be a week...or so.....Kate just called..Matt's eye's opened a little little bit.....they're suctioning his lungs right now so Kate went outside the room for a minute. more later.

(Aunt) Susi

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Anonymous said...

I just want to thank Matt's family for keeping us all posted on his progress (and of course, to Alison for keeping the website going). It means so, so much to know how he's doing. I am so grateful to get every update. I know his other Kiwago friends and I are thinking about him all the time. Looking forward to seeing you and Matt in November.
Much love, Alli Fetter-Harrott.