Monday, December 26


Thanks to all who remember and still do.......................................


Julie said...

I work at Deaconess and was there with Matt on that horrible day. I never had the pleasure of knowing him, but I want you to know that there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of him and say a little prayer. I park in the employee lot on that corner and walk by there every day. He will not be forgotten... by those of you who knew and loved him, and by those of us who didn't. May God bless you with loving memories and the peace that you'll meet Matt again one day.

Anonymous said...

I should be thanking you for your truly honest dedication. After losing my mom and dad, Matt was a real shock. Just knowing he is thought of is heart warming. However, I believe your prayers are answered and definitely are appreciated. your small comment has lighten my heart. You are truly a loving and genuine person and nurse. Sorry i took me so long TO write. One it is hard to look at the blog and most people send me emails. I am going to go back to the blog :) THANK SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT IT HAS INSPIRED ME TO FINISH THE SCRAP BOOK, I AM MAKING FOR ALL HIS FRIENDS. Matt had a good life that ended before it got great..... but he had the same spirit as you so I appreciate the time you spend sending something .
thanks you from me and I know matt knows somehow to.