Friday, January 25

Another MRH dream

Another Matt Hardie dream last night....involving that red VW jetta shitbox, me driving, and Matt telling me to 'chill out, Stef. Stop stressing.' from the passenger seat. I awoke at the exact moment I was about to give him shit.

I never know exactly how to take these dreams (I have them every few weeks) and I'm not quite certain if I'm reliving a true memory of something that really happened or if these are fictitious actual "dreams". What I do know is that, after a few seconds of 'huh wtf?', I remember he's gone. And that part does feel real. On that alone, if you believe in such things, then he controls the dreams and they are his way of showing that he is still punching away at a darkness he did not ask for.
Kate, if you see this, can you get in touch with me via email: 
I changed phones and mobile providers. I don't have your contact info and, at last, I think I am 'unsad' enough to talk. xx - stef 

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