Sunday, December 19

PLEASE READ: Request for donations for Matt's memorial service(s)

Hello everyone,

We are putting together a small memorial service in Indiana, where many of Matt's friends live. The service in Indiana will be on the 27th (more info to come). There will also be something in Spokane.

 Thank you so much who have donated in the past and since Matt's passing. 

If you haven't yet contributed, please consider donating now to help with plane tickets, an obituary, food, the rented space, flowers, etc. We are starting from scratch and so every little bit counts.

We need donations as soon as possible to coordinate the memorial and also the service in Spokane. Please spread the word-- forward this as an email (don't forget to link to the blog), put it on your FB page, etc.

Thanks to everyone for all your condolences-- I know it means a lot to Matt's family.


P.S. Also: please, please send pictures of Matt to Kate at ASAP, for a slide show for the service.


Anonymous said...

I am a Bloomington resident and was friends with both Kate , Matt, and Bo. I am willing to do any errands that need to be done here. I plan to donate $$ when I get paid Wednesday night. Please let me know via email if there is anything I can do.

Much Love,

liza said...

everyone at pedals2people is so sorry to hear about Matt's passing. please email me at to let me know where to send a donation.