Tuesday, November 2

Matt's always been good at telling stories and now he's going to have a whopper of a story!!!

I have never been so happy to have my 'trying to be realistic" thoughts be totally blown apart!!!
I do think Matt surprised everyone - especially the doctors.
And, oddly enough, he woke up 4 weeks to the day and almost to the minute - around 2 pm Monday.
My husband, Larry said that from now on, Matt will have the "best cocktail party story' ever!!!


Craftyk said...


Ed Gentry said...

This is amazing news! Welcome back, Matt! Thank you to everyone keeping us all up to date!

Whitney said...

Wonderful news. What must awakening feel like to Matt?
Hope you'll post more news of his recovery.

geewiz said...

Great news!

aslund said...

Way to go Matt!
We are all rooting for you.
Also, this is the best election day news possible.

Jason C said...

Everyone here at apple is so happy to hear the news!

Bennett H. said...

Yeeeeeeee haw! Way to go Matt! Who can? Matt can!