Tuesday, November 2

BIG news

Hi all,

Please STAY TUNED- there is GOOD NEWS we think! The nurses at the facility in Idaho called Kate today and said Matt woke up. He made a thumbs-up sign, and also tapped his foot to some music.

FIRST: DO NOT CALL KATE AND RICH. They are keeping lines open for doctors. Kate is driving to the facility right now to see him. More to come-- but do NOT CALL them please please please (that comes from Kate). Kate's going to call me every couple hours to update me so I can put something up while she's with Matt.



Stef said...

I knew it! None of us ever gave up and I think we all somehow knew that it wasn't his time to go. Hallelujah and holy ****! You go, Matt Hardie. Kate, you are my hero and I am forever grateful for our friendship.

xo STef

Anonymous said...

Wow. We know if anyone can fight his way back, it's Matt! Hoping to watch another Hardie miracle unfold. Very happy the world got to see the gap today. We love you, Matt, and we cannot wait to see you!

Kate, Rich, Susi, Jack, and family: We continue to think of all of you. We love you guys.

Much love to the Hardie-following community . . . Alli.

Zodiac said...