Monday, November 8

Day 8/ no Matt news yet/ excited about car repair offer!

Actually, I did get to text w/Kate but then we both fell asleep after Jack fell asleep - LOL - did that 2 nights in a row. All I know is that Matt is looking to Kate like he's in pain, we figure that is is surely from his back as he had several fractured vertebrae and 1 that was crushed. Kate is checking out the situation w/docs at NIACH. Seems odd to us that they're waiting/not fixing his back but, on the other hand, I know less than Kate does...and I haven't been able to talk to Kate or reach her yet today (around lunchtime).
I just checked the blog comments & was SO EXCITED to see that 2 people who have been following the blog, a couple driving by the accident, Aunt Kathy & Tim, offered to help repair Kate & Bo's car!! Whoo - hah!!!
Am still trying to get Kate's Phone Issue worked out....she has Sprint service and we figure she needs a land line & probably a different phone service. The problem is, ironically, I can't actually get her on the phone to see what's up.
We're both actually keeping a sense of humor with all this going on...we figure that it's not enough 'just' to have Matt to take care of....that we're so tough that we need more challenges, like: both of her cars breaking down, her phone losing the connection at least once during every phone call (even locally), and then all sorts of things that have come up 'in our regularly scheduled lives" that need to be done yesterday - LOL. We'll manage ...but with your help it's made it bearable and workable - thanks everybody!
P.S. Does anyone know why the 'posting time' is so different from the real time? It says I posted this at 10:42 and it's almost 1pm!!!


Anonymous said...

What are the docs saying when you ask them about Matt's back? They may have a good medical reason why they cannot operate on Matt's back right now. Perhaps the surgery or anesthesia would interfere with Matt's neurological recovery.

He must be receiving some relief from pain, right? As someone who has had cervical spine surgery, I can imagine that he is suffering pain from his spine condition, and that he'll need extensive physical therapy at tome point.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susi,

I noticed that blog comment by the people who saw the accident and offered to help with car repair. Therefore, I sent it to you via email the day it was posted. I also sent you some Spokane hospice information (for laundry/meal services for Kate/Bo), as well as information from a doctor and some family members who also had children/loved ones recover from TBI. I think now that you didn't receive it.

Can you post your email address OR can you send me an email at:



Stef said...

Posting pain information on my blog (easier to post a table there).

Susi said...

to Stef Clarke...yes, I did get your email but have not been able to respond to everybody that I would like to. It is good info - thank you!

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