Monday, November 8

Apple Store in Spokane offering to help!!!!

Am still waiting to hear from Kate but am so excited!! The manager emailed me & asked what their group of 75 people could do!!! I couldn't give her a definite answer but am so excited that I keep making typos because I'm typing so fast!! :-D


Stef said...

Hey Apple Store peeps,

You guys rock. Some things you could do while awaiting further instruction:

- get together and cook/bake (a casserole, lasagna, cookies - whatever) - freeze it and then, when the time arises, it can be delivered to Kate/Bo. This also gives you the opportunity to talk about Matt and collectively share in his recovery. Go Apple Go!
- food drive - organize a day or two whereby every employee brings in a grocery item - arrange for it to be dropped at Kate's/Bo's when someone is there.
- check your schedules and, for those who drive, figure out who is free and on what day - arrange a taxi service for Kate between Niach and Spokane
- Check with Apple Inc before you organize some sort of Xmas drive to collect funds, food, or money for Kate & family - Apple may not be down with this corporately but outside the 'office', you could organize a car wash / bake sale / pub night etc.

Hope this helps. You guys are awesome.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that-- I talked to a manager at the Apple store when Kate's computer broke about trying to get her a computer on loan or donation-- and they couldn't (I guess Apple has to be a bit tight about stuff like that)-- so it's really awesome to hear they're all doing something on their own. Fantastic!