Thursday, November 11

Day 11 - Nancy brought a meal!!! Matt - same / Car & SPRINT serviced phone still problematic

Kate was so thrilled when she called me to tell me that Nancy had brought over a complete meal for her and her family!!! It turned out that Kate's day had been particularly hectic, more than her regular busy hectic days, so it was kind of a miracle when Nancy showed up with a meal. Even if you can't get Kate by phone (her phone service is totally messed up - I think it's Sprint), I say, go ahead & take a meal over. If she doesn't answer the door, she may be catching up on sleep. I know she talks with her neighbors and I'm sure that you could drop a meal off with them - they're good people. :-)
As far as Matt's condition goes, there's not anything new that I know of. One of the staff's goals is to wean him off the ventilator and Kate says Matt is doing really well breathing on his own. His awareness level (my term) seems to be the same.
Last night, when Kate & I talked, her phone lost the connection 'only' twice, I think...when she walked out of the ONE room where the phone works - it was pure garble. Did I say SPRINT was her carrier? She was starting to tell me about her car issues when her SPRINT service dropped the call...I think what she started to explain was that the battery got zapped, broken...don't know the term.
One of our things we do to try to keep positive when we're talking about all these things that keep breaking or not working, or, for example, when she was telling me how the owner of the house near which she had to park her car when it died starting berating Kate for leaving her car there..that it almost makes you want to laugh because it's so ridiculous......" that it's not bad enough that Matt has had this accident, been in a coma for a month, what she really needs is MORE stress."
So, like Nancy, I want everyone that has been helping to know that their help has made a HUGE difference to Kate. Now, if she could just get her SPRINT serviced phone to not drop calls, have the ability to get internet at her house...she could tell you that herself. Hopefully, we'll get that issue resolved. But, for now, especially the next 3 weeks, Kate will be busy visiting Matt and wants everyone to know that Matt & her family are her priorities right now.
P.S. Elizabeth wrote a very interesting & informative comment on my Day 10 posting - about hospital options, etc.

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