Thursday, November 11

Costs are adding up left & right - the donations are really helping

Kate is doing a great job figuring out how to pay for everything that is coming up. She is really very careful with the donations and really doesn't feel comfortable using the donated money -even though that's what it's for. But, I KNOW that she is getting pelted with extra costs due to Matt's accident.
For instance, he has so much stuff that we can't do anything with it but keep it in storage - big payment there. A wonderful woman is taking care of Matt's dog, Eugene and Kate just told me (which I didn't even think about) that she has to pay for dog food - another added financial burden. The woman taking care of Eugene is doing it out of the goodness of her heart.
To get her car fixed is an additional cost -even with the kind offer of Tim to repair it for free - she has to pay for a part & is worried about not having enough money for gas to be able to drive and see Matt. On top of that, their other car that died recently, cost a whopping amount of money to fix!! Gas costs her $7 for each trip - we're looking at at the least another 3 weeks of the 1 1/2 drive - which really adds up. I know there are more expenses, and as we all know, the little things add up. She's got a lot of new financial responsibilities and she has no choice whether or not to pay for them. So, all the donated money is a godsend and highly appreciated I don't know what she would do without your help! She does not like having to ask for money. Just know that every dollar is really helping!

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Megen Strand said...

If the woman taking care of Eugene ever needs a break - we will happily take care of him. We are in Seattle, so not super convenient...but thought I'd put it out there.