Saturday, January 8

Spectacle and Spectacular

My dear friend, Matt Hardie, abhorred spectacle, drama, or anything to do with preoccupation with artifice. He believed in living authentically and spectacularly while also humbling himself in the face of humanity.

I think of you every day, Matt. I think of the joy and the insight you brought to my life. And I miss you.

Beyond spectacle, you are spectacular.

I love you. I miss you more.


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Anonymous said...

It's February 4th and I can truly say Matt's death has come as a shock and deep sadness.

I only knew Matt for 2 summers at Camp Kiwago. Matt shared is wisdom and personal experiences with me, as well as demonstrating a few basket ball skills on the black top.

I remember all the children loved Matt and thought of him as Eminem or a wrestler from WWF

Like I said it's been years since we spent our time together but to know Matts nolonger with us still breaks my heart.

Your bredrin from London, England. Andrew Robinson aka "Drew"
Camp Kiwago 2000/2001