Monday, December 20

Music for the service

Everyone who knew Matt knew how much he loved music. I am collecting song ideas for the memorial. Could be songs that you knew he liked, songs that remind you of him, or songs that you think he would have liked. Anything, really. Please suggest songs in the comments below. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Pink Houses - John (cougar) Mellencamp - first song he learned to play on guitar (plus a good old Indiana boy)
You're Lovely to Me - Lucky Jim
Hallelujah - Lucky Jim version (words and music by Leonard Cohen)
These Dreams of You - Van Morrison
A Love that will never grow old - Emmy Lou Harris

(that's just a start)

xo Stef

Jennifer Brewer said...

~ Hallelujah by Lucky Jim (The song that Dawn heard him sing recently at his apartment in Spokane.)
~Just Breathe by Pearl Jam (Very appropriate song for the service. Please play this.)
~Such Great Heights by Iron & Wine (A favorite of Matt’s. I’m remembering how he used to hum whenever he was in the midst of doing something around the house.)
~Ordinary People by John Legend (Heard him sing this word for word more than a few times. He loved that whole album that this song was on.)
~Sorrow by The National (I gave him this album last summer. The lyrics of this song are ones that Matt could relate to.)
~Wonderwall by Ryan Adams (Remember listening to this with him on one of our road trips. It’s a cover from Oasis.)
~Fix You by Coldplay (Makes me think of Matt.)
~Everlong by The Foo Fighters (He said he preferred the original version over the acoustic one.)
~Track 4 by Sigur Ros (Matt got me this CD for Christmas one year. They have their own language. He also got me a Liz Phair CD, the one from the early 90s.)
~Meet Me On the Equinox by Death Cab For Cutie (Also, very fitting. I know he liked this band.)
~Runaway by The National (The last song we listened to together before he left Arizona, an amazing track. Our “goodbye” seems so surreal now.)
~New Slang by The Shins (Matt referred to this as shoe gazer music but he liked it none the less.)

<3 Jen Brewer

Christina said...

I found a reason-- Cat Power (V for vendetta soundtrack)
Miracle Drug-- AC Newman
He loved those 2 songs, would play it over & over on my mac and we'd dance. I can email any of them to you if you like...

Johnny Cash, Hurt & Desperado, anything off the Album American IV: When the man comes around

hugs kate. you need anything for eugene or pics of matt from the last few years. I still have them all.

Anonymous said...

Aw, so awesome. chronological 'girlfriend row'. this is unconditional love. thanks to both of you for these song choices. going to make my own CD.

xo stef

Anonymous said...


Matt got me into the bands Rex and Dirty Three (anything off Ocean Songs is very pretty, but sad).

I remember listening to a lot of Outkast with him, and the two of us always listened to The Ethiopians if you're looking for some more upbeat music.

- Chris