Tuesday, November 30

Update on Matt after second trip 11/29

I just got back from the ICU and it is two am so I am going to make this brief, but will put something up tomorrow. I might have found a piggy back, YEAH ( I think Matt would be proud if he knew I was posting all my blog's without buying Internet, as they are a monopoly here Lol )

I am hoping to catch the doctor tomorrow and get to meet with Providence's Neuro people, cross your fingers.

The good new is they have him on a cocktail of antibiotics. They got his labs back and have isolated the type of pneumonia. The antibiotics seem to be working but will take a few days.
THE BAD NEWS IS: Matt is again on a ventilator. That means he is breathing somewhat on his own but with the help of a machine. The ventilator helps control the volume, among other things. Regardless of its job or if it is a set back, Matt seems much more comfortable. It was very hard to see him struggling to breath. Now that he is on the ventilator he is more at ease and it is much easier for him to breathe. I met with Respiratory {therapist} about 1 am and she said he seems to being doing a lot better. SHE is a suction master and that is always a plus in a respiratory therapist.
He's breathing was very troublesome early today (almost to hard to watch and very scary) but now with the ventilator, he seems much more comfortable. I am not sure how long he will be on the vent. In someway I would like him to get off but that means back to nursing home. If he stays on vent it is back to IDAHO ( YEAH!!) THOSE ARE ME AND MATT'S PEEPS. They love him their and always give him extra attention and care. Plus it is a hospital.

In addition to his breathing, his arm is more relaxed. I have been working with it so I am happy to see that he may be more comfortable - even if he still cannot use his right or left hand. I also worked with the staff about how to position his head. He is definitely more comfortable now that I have shown them what the Hardie Method is. Please don't get me wrong: they also take a lot of initiative and try to make him comfortable as well. As I said it is terrible for him to be in an ICU and may show what I feared ( decline in his all around health, or just a bad nursing home) but the care in the hospital is far superior and that makes me feel a little better. I just want to reiterate that he is stable. Pneumonia is serious and we will be taking this day by day. I just want you to know that he is in a place that has the tools and professional to take care of him at the standard I prefer or at least close (nothing has ever been good enough for Matt in my eyes, wait was that a bad girlfriend joke lol.) To be honest, there is one girlfriend in particular that has been stellar. I will leave her nameless for now but she knows who she is and how much she has helped. To her I say, "I found my blackberry PIN, talk to you soon."

That is not to say that all of you have not been amazing. Each of you is part of Matt's journey. You have each brought yourselves to the table and with that - your special gifts. I am thankful Matt has such caring and devoted friends. Thank You

Sorry to make this so brief but I am up at 4 tomorrow. I also talked to Rich and we will be meeting with Hospice of Spokane. They have come highly recommended from my doctor ( who is a friend and someone I hold in high regard) If things were to line up as they should, it would be great to move him from the ICU to hospice. I am not sure if Hospice is a long shot but whatever happens will happen as it should. I am, however, leaning on making whatever happens be what I want to happen :-)

NOW BEFORE YOU ALL PANIC: HOSPICE does not mean we are ending care but it is for people with less than 6 months. It would and could be a place for Matt to recover ( after which he would then move on to a rehab facility) or it could be a place for him to be at his most comfortable as he goes on another adventure.

We are only looking into this so please hold all questions, until I have further information. On a personal note I would be honored to work with Hospice as we know some of the nurses and Matt always agreed with their philosophies.

Again.... Thanks you all for your support.


KHardie said...

Man Kate you should get some rest. Who knew you spelled the word the, teh. There is a thing called spell check.

I agree and my pillow beckons, as does my quest to have Post not written with 10 year old spelling and grammar.

good night all :)

Susi said...

Looks good to me, Kate. You did a great job of describing everything. And, you wrote a lot..which I like. I'm glad you're posting info about Matt now