Wednesday, November 24

Thankgiving Update

Hi all,

I just spoke with Kate and she wanted me to put up a little update. Matt has been moved to a nursing home in Spokane, about 40 minutes away from where Kate, Bo and Jack live. He was a little agitated during the move, I guess, but has settled in and has a roommate (a Buddhist). The team and doctor at the home are re-assessing where Matt is physically and cognitively and what treatments to consider.  

Because of Kate's nursing certification, they're letting her help with him more than they would most family members so she's able to be there a lot. She learned some new massage and pressure point techniques to help with some issues like Matt was grinding his teeth a lot and he's not doing that nearly as much. She's reading a science fiction book to Matt (and an anti-corporation book is next on the list-- he'll like that, I'm sure!). Eugene is doing well. 

She said thank you to everyone for the donations which are allowing her to pay for the gas to get back and forth from the (still quite far) nursing home. She goes there every day and will be there tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with her brother. I know all have said this but I just have to say it is incredibly moving to see how hard she is working for her brother. We'd all be lucky to have someone like Kate in our lives during difficult times.


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Anonymous said...

Would you please give us his new address?

Martha and Karl