Tuesday, November 2

In the famous words of Mary Shelly and Samuel Jackson "He's Alive! and is the one with the wallet that reads bad mother fuc@er on it.

TO EVERYONE ( I am at hospital beside Matt),

First off I would like to take a moment for us all to REALLY STOP and THANK ALSION. I would like to thank her for not only having the idea (shout out to Kate H) and follow through but the energy and time to facilitate this blog. She has taken a large burden off are family and allowed us to focus our efforts on Matt. She has not only given are family a place to update you, but has given us a outlet to share stories, pictures, well wishes, and whatever else we might want during this emotional time. Alison has done something most people only talk about.......... what you asked did she do? She made a difference! Her selfless act allowed me to spend time talking to doctors, nurses, therapist, and most importantly Matt, all the while still allowing everyone to get updated. She not only thought about how this effects her but had the maturity, empathy and humanity to wonder how this was really effecting us. She raised funds (I will get to those thanks you shortly) that allow me to travel to Idaho twice daily and cover any bills that Matt may need taken care of while he is recovery. Since the acccident Allison has not only taken away stress but been a wonderful confidant, friend, and ally as we fight to get Matt back. She has given her time, energy and compassion to are family during a difficult time and we can never thank her enough. She is an asset to the world and I am happy to call her a friend. I am even more touched to know that Jack (The love of Matt's life, sorry ladies) is being raised in a world with people like Alison who have never and will never give up on making this a better world .I cannot thank her enough for the wonderful place she has created for all of us. Matt and her have always been close and shared a special friendship. I cannot began to tell you how touched he would be and how moved he would be to see what she had done. She not only honored Matt by making a difference but honored us by caring enough to share Matt's memory and now his recovery with all of you. Matt is a wonderful person, who encountered many wonderful people along his journey,(and now will continue to do so) Alison Powell was one of those people and we all owe her a debt of gratitude for the Blog that she had so graciously created and continues to facilitate. I am so thankful for the friendship that she and my brother shared and still share. I wish I has some awesome quote or something spectacular to end with but I am exhausted and so I will say a quite thank you and ask that as you spend time on this blog you take a moment to thank the creator and facilitator ( THE AWESOME ALISON P.)

I would like to continue my thanks to the many people that have donated, contributed pictures, well wishes, thoughts or just read the blog....... but I am truly exhausted. I have been journaling Matt's recovery and informing my Aunt by phone. I am hoping in the next few days as Matt's therapies (physical, occupational, speech, respiratory, etc..) take on a more regular basis, that i will be able to post daily on his progress. I have refrained from posting pictures of his recovery as they are very hard to see. I am considering posting them but need some time to way the ramifications of them being up. I am however hoping in the near future to figure this out and have something in the photo realm to go with the daily reports. I also am still processing this whole event and appreciate your understanding and compassion. I often wonder how Matt would want me to handle this and can only say to myself "hey Matt, I am your sister what did you expect".

To reiterate Matt is awake and off the coma scale YEAH! I am usually with him the whole day and then from 10pm to 2am (as we know he could be a night owl). I cannot believe the out pour of support we have received and only hope I can repay it by making good on my idea for taking my daily recovery journal and using it to update the blog.

I also have not forgotten the wonderful people who have donated their money to help Matt and I will address my appreciation to them tomorrow when my eyes are not just half open. I would also like to thank you all for being a major support system through this devastating time. Everyone has been amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it is 2am and I am up at 4 (excuse the grammer and format all you english majors) so
I will end with the simple but wonderful news that Matt does what Matt does best and kicked this accidents Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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