Thursday, November 4

Day 4/Thurs Nov 4 - we're all starting to start to get in a routine :-)

Kate is learning Matt's routine, Kate & I are learning what is the best way to get info on the blog; she's going to call me w/updates (like the way reporters used to do in the old days) and then I'll rush the 'news to the presses, we're still learning & trying to get more medical info from the docs. Here it is (Kate's words):
  • Matt was in a wheel chair when Kate arrived; when he heard Kate's voice, he opened eyes, then started blinking (but not tracking/focusing)
  • When Kate held his hand, he kept squeezing HER hand a lot - didn't squeeze the washcloth after so possibly he meant to squeeze her hand
  • Matt's eyes didn't stay open the whole time during her visit - too tired, she thinks
  • When Kate held his hand, he did a thumbs up repeatedly; when she let go of his hand, she noticed he was still doing a thumbs-up's... so she said, "Matt, you're doing a thumbs-up for a whole minute." And, he immediately quit doing thumbs-up!!!
  • Kate thinks that Matt sort of understands that she is someone with whom he is really familiar with but she thinks he can't really comprehend/realize that it is her, his sister (memory stuff)
  • Major News Flash - Whoa! She just texted me that he moved his eyes & she thinks he was actually seeing/looking at her - she is so excited!!!!!! This was about 8 pm just now!!!! Notes/What's on Tap
  • It takes 6 people to get Matt into a wheelchair
  • The staff tries to simulate a night/day routine to help PTs retrain their brain
  • Thus, they have him in a wheelchair just as one would not be in bed all day
  • Big Huge Fact: Matt is making slow but steady progress - yeah Matt!!!!
  • re tests, etc: dearth of info on that; Kate is trying to rectify that
Please, please, please.... Is there anybody in Spokane that knows Kate & Bo (and Jack and Rich) and is following this who can/will help Kate and her family out?

Don't wait for her to ask you for help - she won't! TELL her that you're going to set up a kind of a Team Kate with other moms/dads & you just need to know:
  • what's on her grocery list
  • what do Bo, Kate & Jack like to eat for dinner
  • when & where does Jack need to go after school for activities
Do not let her say, "No", refer any financial concerns to me, please. I'll figure out something to take care of it. It might be good to sort of make a schedule so she knows who is dropping off a meal & when ((Rich's work did that for him when Anne died, engineers & surveyors) It was awesome! They made a schedule & it made things SO much easier & less stressful! They even had a 'Snack Detail" - that's a good idea especially since Kate & Rich have to drive so long back and forth to NIACH ). Does anyone know someone who knows how to fix cars inexpensively?
I'm her aunt & like I said, I'm really protective and get along really well with both Matt & Kate (unless they make me mad - smile). I knew them since before they were born because I lived w/Anne at the time (went to college at UW- Eau Claire). In fact, Matt was 3 weeks overdue and it was SO hard to wait for him to be born - I was so excited! I was around for their pre-K years. I was one of those girls that (and still do ) loves babies and little kids and I loved to play with them for hours whenever I was home. I'm sure she could do everything herself, and Rich, too - and I'm also pretty darn sure she's getting worn out. She's been doing a lot, been under a lot of stress (car issues, etc.) and I think that not just her phone batteries are running low but HER energy is running low. I'm worried that she'll just keep going until she wears herself out...and there is no reason for her to do it all just because she can & will force herself to go to the store at midnight or whenever she gets some free time. She needs to take care of herself too.

Ever since Anne passed away, I didn't want them to ever ever ever feel like like they didn't have a mom-type person in their lives. This last year or more has been kind of tough all the way 'round in that regard. Anyway, I love 'em to pieces even tho they can drive me crazy sometimes - just like my own kids! My email is


Anonymous said...

I'm throwing a suggestion out, but maybe if people were willing to donate an Amazon fresh gift card (, that could help with getting groceries... or some sort of grocery delivery service (Does Safeway have delivery there?). Just a thought.

Susi said...

Great idea! I didn't even know that one could even do that thru Amazon. Keep the ideas coming!! Thank you, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Please try to tell Kate that she needs to take care of herself, too. It won't help Matt or anyone else in her family if she gets sick. I think that all new caregivers have this problem - they want to be super helpful to the person in trouble, but they neglect their own families or relationships along the way without meaning to. She still needs to spend time with Bo and Jack without constantly thinking of Matt. If she wants to stay "up" for Matt, she needs to keep her good foundation.