Thursday, October 14

Talked to Kate

Hi everyone,

I just got off the phone with Matt's sister, Kate. She's finally getting a bit of rest and has been with Matt every single day. She asked me to tell everyone that they've been without a computer for awhile now and so that's why it's taken her a bit to get back to people. I think she has her hands full-- the family wants to have updates and info come mainly through this blog so she'll be updating me regularly on what's going on and I'll post everything here. She also would love to have more stuff up about Matt or stories, pics, etc., so please do send them on (

The treatment that they want to try was started today and we should know more by Tuesday. I have heard that Matt is responding physically to some cues-- like if someone speaks to him directly about something he has actually indicated response and that he understands. No one knows what this all means yet or if it's just coincidence but there's real hope that it's not only that. More soon.


Ed G said...

That's really encouraging news. Thanks, Alison.

Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful for this blog. I check it constantly. I'm probably doing it too much. But, I'm so glad to hear the news. I will tell everyone at Apple he is doing better.

Lets hope he recovers more!

Thank you.