Monday, October 11

About this blog.

Hi everyone,

I've set up this blog to enable those who want to donate to Matt's family, to cover the cost of medical bills, travel, etc. I know we all want to do something and donating is the easiest way to get that done.

The Caring Bridge website (linked below) is great, as is Matt's FB page. I've taken some pics from those and put them here. Hope that's OK. If you want to share pics or stories here, or well wishes, etc., please do.

I talked with Bo this morning and there is no news. Anyhow, I will be updating this blog and whatnot, and if you have any questions just let me know.


Alison Powell

(an old friend of Matt's from Bloomington)

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Anonymous said...

Also: if you'd like me to put up a picture or a story or an anecdote or a song or anything just email me at (or if you can message me here. There's probably a way). I talked with Caelum today about how Matt's hatred of capitalism is only matched by his incredible knack for selling people stuff. The charmer. Anyhow: if you want to share something, please do.